Adventures for Beginner Piano - Beginner to Pre Grade 1 standard

This new collection of 23 elementary pieces follows the course of a day in Africa, starting with African Dawn and ending with Night Sky with Stars.  Meet all the animals along the way - gazelles, flamingos, lions, giraffes, hyenas, monkeys, elephants and many others, as well as many atmospheric scenes such as Mountain Mist and Mirage.




In the crowded market of pre-grade one piano music, these pieces are surely among the most deliciously evocative that I have yet encountered.  I think that ‘Safari: Adventures for Piano’ is a fabulous way for new players to discover approaches to technique and playing that would otherwise remain off-limits until much later in their development.  ‘Safari: Adventures for Piano’ is quite simply a brilliant publication – don’t miss it! 

Andrew Eales Pianodao


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