Audley's Castle

Audley's Castle, Castleward Bay
Audley's Castle, Castleward Bay

If you walk northwards along the shore from Castle Ward, you will come to a 15th century tower house perched dramatically on a hill looking out over the causeway. This is Audley’s Castle, and is one of a series of tower houses built at that time all around the shores of Strangford Lough. Like the tower house itself, the music is four square and very rugged.


‘We are come to the castle. . . The lady of the house greets you with her trayne. Salutations paste, you shall be presented with all the drinks in the house. The fyre is in the middle of the hall. You shall not want sacke (wine) and tobacco. The table is spread and plentifully furnished with a variety of meats, but ill cooked and without sauce. They feast with great jollity and healths abound. When you come to your chamber, do not expect curtaynes. It is well if your bed content you, and if the company be greate, you may happen to be the bodkin in the middle.’

From an English visitor to a Tower House in 1620

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