The Girona Suite

Eight Evocations for Piano - Grades 5-7

A highly personal account of an event from 1588 which has fascinated my all my life.  The music is inspired by the tragic events of the sinking of the Girona,  a galleas of the Spanish Armada, rediscovered in 1967 off the north coast of Ireland.


The Girona was wrecked off the Giant's Causeway in the violent storm of 1588.  the cream of Spain's nobility was on board, including Don Alonso de Leyva, the commander, who had gathered survivors from three other Armada ships.  Dances of the period (Pavane, Sarabande etc) are given sensitive treatment and a modern twist.  A sense of sadness pervades the music, despite ornamented writing and some major keys.  There is much Spanish flavour in the writing.  Major and minor fuse in the poignant description of a ring, with the inscription 'No tengo mas que darte' (I have nothing more to give thee).

Nancy Litten - ABRSM Examiner

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