An exciting new collection for all fans of Toy Box, Safari and Sea World.  Alphabet explores a broad range of technical and interpretive issues for the young pianist.


The collection is very cleverly constructed:  June manages to write music that develops technical skills which few other books at this level achieve.  This is an outstanding publication; one which I am sure will ably help piano teachers to support their students' technical foundation while also developing expressive musical playing that will encourage them to keep playing the piano. 

Karen Marshall at Pianodao


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M for Moonbeam misprint

Please note that bar 1 of M for Moonbeam should read as bar 5 - F#, G# and A#.

Quick Score/Audio Guide

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A for Angel
B for Banjo
C for Carousel
D for Daydream
E for Echo
F for Fan
G for Glider
H for Harp
I for Icicles
J for Jolly Roger
K for Kangaroo
L for Lullaby
M for Moonbeam
N for Night
O for Ole
P for Pagoda
Q for Quarrelsome
R for Rainbow
S for Storm
T for Toboggan
U for Upside Down
V for Volcano
W for Water Fountain
X for Xanadu
Y for Yacht
Z for Zephyr