Improvising with Take Ten


Take Ten can be used as a vehicle for taking early steps in improvising.  Here are some very simple ideas that you can try out by yourself.


In order to get the most from these ideas, you need to be able to play the piece comfortably and fluently and 'in the groove' which means having a really solid underlying beat.


Each piece in the playlist below contains a simple improvisation during the repeated section.  At the beginning of each video I will give an example of one idea that you can use.  Listen, copy and then experiment.  Once you gain confidence you can just let yourself go and react spontaneously.


  • Play 'in the groove'
  • Listen
  • Copy
  • Letting go

An introduction to improvisation

Improvising with Straight Up

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Improvising with Take Ten by June Armstrong here.

Audio tracks with improvisation

Top Hat and Tails
Jazz Band Blues
Camel Train
Panther Blues
Straight Up
I Don't Know
Summer Night
Night Journey
Looking Sharp!