Adventures for Beginner Piano - Beginner to Pre Grade 1 standard

This new collection of 23 elementary pieces follows the course of a day in Africa, starting with African Dawn and ending with Night Sky with Stars.  Meet all the animals along the way - gazelles, flamingos, lions, giraffes, hyenas, monkeys, elephants and many others, as well as many atmospheric scenes such as Mountain Mist and Mirage.




In the crowded market of pre-grade one piano music, these pieces are surely among the most deliciously evocative that I have yet encountered.  I think that ‘Safari: Adventures for Piano’ is a fabulous way for new players to discover approaches to technique and playing that would otherwise remain off-limits until much later in their development.  ‘Safari: Adventures for Piano’ is quite simply a brilliant publication – don’t miss it! 

Andrew Eales Pianodao


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African Dawn
Under the Acacia Tree
Gazelles Standing
Crocodile Crawling
The Elephant Herd
Lion Sleeping
Monkeys Climbing
Flamingos Feeding
Baboons Playing
Midday Sun
Springbok Springing
Zebra Grazing
Giraffe Loping
Vultures Circling
Hyenas Hunting
Swallows Swooping
Rains Coming
Mountain Mist
Night Sky with Stars

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