Ireland's Most Beautiful Ancient Airs

Each of the arrangements of these fifteen gems, dating from the sixteenth century onwards, is treated in a completely different style, without disturbing the traditional essence of the music.


The music ranges from around Grade 4 to 7 standard.



REVIEW - Piano Professional

These beautiful settings have simplicity, timelessness, and Celtic style.  Textures often imitate the harp;  certainly Armstrong in her recordings plays the piano as if it has 'no hammers' (as Debussy recommended).  They are all graceful to play and will delight students, particularly teenagers and adults.  They are 'easy listening' and harmonious.

Nancy Litten - ABRSM Examiner


The arrangements capture the character of these airs and enhance them without any loss of their true nature.  Molly St. George is masterly, as is Morgan Magan.  Thank you, KD  

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Molly St. George
The Gentle Maiden
The Big Hill and the Little Hill
Treasure of My Heart
The South Wind
Lord Inchiquin
Eleanor Plunkett
The Last Rose of Summer
Miss MacDermott
The Londonderry Air
She Moved Through the Fair
The Snowy Breasted Pearl
Morgan Magan
Give Me Your Hand
Planxty Irwin